OPFARM - Soft Nova
An innovative tool that helps in
building relationships with your patients
and supporting pharmaceutical care
as part of the process of filling a prescription
and dispensing medicines at your pharmacy.

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Benefits both you and your patients


Building relationships

OPFARM – Soft Nova is a computer system for extending the level of pharmaceutical care into your pharmacy. It works independently of your pharmacy software. In conjunction with the Zebra label printer, it produces Lekolepki® pictogram labels.

It was proved many years ago that high-quality patient service is reflected in the frequency of visits at the pharmacy. In order to introduce our innovative tool into the Polish market, we conducted an analysis of patient needs in getting information on medicine dosages from a printout or sticker on the packaging. The study group comprised people from all over Poland, patients of pharmacies from both towns and large agglomerations. The results of the study showed that 70% of these patients expressed a willingness to get this information in such a way.

Our system for labelling medicines informs patients in an easy way about the basic rules for taking a given medicine. Lekolepki® remind patients about the proper way of taking medicines, ensuring appropriate and safe medicine administration. Pictograms build positive patient-pharmacist relationships, to increase patient loyalty towards your pharmacy.


You win more patients

By printing and affixing pictogram labels, OPFARM – Soft Nova contributes to building trust and relationships with patients, which is reflected in the frequency of visits at the pharmacy. Stickers inform patients, among others, about medicine dosage and possible adverse reactions. They also explain storage conditions and interactions with foodstuffs. They reduce the risk of drug interaction and of taking a medicine by another member of the family, particularly by a child.

OPFARM – Soft Nova is a certified tool that implements the rules for basic pharmaceutical care services and brings measurable benefits that guarantee a profit for your pharmacy. This innovative overlay for the pharmacy system, including the labelling system, gives a scientifically proven guarantee of increased patient interest in the pharmacies that use our technological solutions.

Research confirms that patients who receive pictograms have a significantly better opinion about the information on medicine dosage, compared with those who take the same medicines dispensed according to standard pharmaceutical practice.


Take care of your own development

A system for labelling medicines with pictograms, OPFARM – Soft Nova serves the implementation of modern, world-renowned and uniform quality standards within pharmaceutical care. Through a systematic use of our software, which is a modern and uncompetitive educational tool, pharmacists strengthen their knowledge by reinforcing the most important information given in the label of a medicinal product.

All our pictograms are validated. Continuous use of Lekolepki® will result in assimilating clinical knowledge that should be passed on to patients when filling prescriptions. Pharmacies, pharmacists and patients who use our solutions participate in meeting the standards of pharmaceutical care.

Modern tools developed by Warsaw based Piktorex Sp. z o.o. will help you fulfil your professional mission and support pharmacotherapy of your patients in the best and comprehensive way possible.

We developed OPFARM – Soft Nova for pharmacists like you – those who appreciate simple solutions in an innovative form, and look for possibilities to deepen their professional knowledge of drug safety.

How does it work?

Choose the medicine on the prescription

Scan the barcode

The application will find the respective medicine information automatically and will select suitable stickers

Print the stickers

Affix them to the packaging

Always up to date information on medicines

OPFARM – Soft Nova is continually improved and updated. We cooperate with the manufacturers of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, state institutions, and the Warsaw based limited partnership “LekSeek Polska sp. z o.o.” that provides access to the database with up-to-date, always current information on all medicines approved for distribution in Poland.

How to get started?

Register on the
OPFARM - Soft Nova website

Enter your data and the data of your pharmacy

Create a suitable number of licences

Download and install the OPFARM - Soft Nova
application to your computer

Once you enter the licence key,
the OPFARM - Soft Nova application is ready for use

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Warsaw based Piktorex Sp. z o.o. is an innovative company specialising in modern solutions within pharmaceutical care and compliance. Through our business, we want to participate in the process of a Polish service to patients – thanks to professional information and comprehensive pharmaceutical care, we can influence their quality of life and reduce treatment costs. We want to become a national leader in the implementation of modern and uniform quality standards in pharmaceutical care.

Warsaw based Piktorex sp. z o.o. has received financial support from LQT Fund S.A. in Gdańsk, and from The National Centre of Research and Development in Warsaw, on the basis of the Contract on Support within the Systemic Project “Bridge Alfa”, concluded on 3 December 2015.

This financial support is non-refundable public aid within the meaning of section § 30 Paragraph 3 in relation to section § 31 of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Higher Education 25 February 2015 regarding conditions for granting public aid, and de minimis aid by The National Centre of Research and Development (reference number of the aid programme SA. 35857 (2012/X)), exempt from notification obligation, provided for in Art. 108 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, pursuant to Art. 21 of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 17 June 2014 declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty.


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